Gujarat: Behind the Mirage

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Tuesday 1st April 2014 Asia/Kolkata
Teesta Setalvad
A Collection of Informed Arguments

Edited by Teesta Setalvad
publisher: The Book People
ISBN: 9789383756124

A lie, repeated a hundred times dons the respectability of truth, said Goebbels. Today a concerted orchestration of selective statistics and distortions cloaked within the parameters of a falsely constructed discourse that strips the word 'development' of vital elements that enrich human, societal and even state endeavour, is being used to project a mirage, of Gujarat.

Gujarat and Gujarat is known for their spirit of adventure and enterprise, creativity and co-existence over some centuries have been hide bound by the persistent and pernicious impact of a politics that has driven social wedges sharp and deep while privileging capital held by a concentrated few.

The Essays in this volume, representing different perspectives, seek to look beyond this projected mirage. Gujarat throws a challenge for India and Indians as its political economy and its proponents threaten a replication of this experiment. At such a critical juncture, to understand and expose its endeavour, this volume is dedicated.

Contributors are - Prabhat Patnaik, Rohit Prajapati, Trupti Shah, Suresh Mehta, Gautam Thaker, Archana Prasad, Raju Solanki, Shaileshkumar Darokar, Subhash Gatade, Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ, R. B. Sreekumar, Javed Anand, Zahir Janmohamed and Ayesha Khan along with an introduction by Teesta Setalvad.