शीर्षक : Proposed New Education Policy: Rings Death-Knell of Education in this Land of Tradition of Knowledge and Scholarship
लेखक : 
All India Save Education Committee
तारीख : 
Wednesday 6th January 2016 Asia/Kolkata
सार सक्षेप: 
The HRD Ministry of the Union government has come out with a document on a proposed New Education Policy on 21 March 2015. It is an elaborate multi-tier arrangement, time-bound as professed. It consists of a 17 page part on policy and object lay-out termed Consultation Process, two documents on Themes and questions for Policy Consultation with a 27 page part on School education and a 55-page one on Higher Education. The Rationale and Objectives page of the first document presents that whereas ‘Previous Commissions for framing Education Policy had a Topdown approach’, here the objective was ‘to ensure an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach’ on a ‘time-bound, grassroot consultative process’ based on’ ‘online consultation’ with a ‘complete transparency of consultation process’. The school education document enlists 13 themes each with scores of questions. Similarly, the higher education document has 20 themes and their questions.