लेखक : 
Justice BN Srikrishna
तारीख : 
Tuesday 1st June 1999 Asia/Kolkata
सार सक्षेप: 
Report of the Srikrishna Commission appointed for inquiry into  the riots at Mumbai during December 1992–January 1993  and the March 12,1993 bomb blasts

Memorandum of Action to be taken by the Government

Extracts from the D.P. Madon Commission on the Bhiwandi, Jalgaon and Mahad riots in May 1970

1) Hindutva's role in riots and official complicity 

2) Anti-minority bias in the Indian Police 

3) Publishers Note : Who's afraid of the Srikrishna Commission Report?

4) Introduction : The 'retaliation' myth shattered

5) Volume I : Main Findings and Recommendations

6) Volume II : The Evidence

7) Response : Memorandum of Action (ATR) taken by Shiv Sena-BJP government on the report of The Commission of Inquiry

8) Annexure : Extracts from the report of the Justice D.P. Madon

Commission of Inquiry into the communal disturbances at Bhiwandi, Jalgaon and  Mahad in May 1970