शीर्षक : Supreme Court of India - Verdict on Fatwa
लेखक : 
Supreme Court of India
तारीख : 
Tuesday 7th July 2015 Asia/Kolkata
सार सक्षेप: 
The Supreme Court’s gave the fatwa ruling in the public interest petition filed by an advocate VishwaLochan Madan.The petitioner was prompted to file the petition subsequent to the fatwas issued in the cases of Imrana, Asoobi and Jatsonara. In the first case, Imrana was raped by her father-in-law and the Dar-ul-Uloom issued a fatwa dissolving her marriage with his son and thereafter also passed a decree for perpetual injunction restraining the wife and her husband from cohabiting. In the second case, the fatwa did not allow a police report to be filed against the father-in-law of Asoobi who allegedly raped her. It was held that the report could be allowed only if the victim’s husband endorsed the allegation or a witness supported the victim’s claims. In the third case, Jatsonara was forced to accept her father-in-law as her husband and annul her previous marriage.