We are people too
  • Vignesh Krishnamoorthy
    Sanam,sitting outside her house in Mumbai.The transgender community has been struggling for a life of dignity, away from discrimination and exclusion.

    This year, in April 2015 the upper house of the Indian Parliament, the Rajya Sabha passed the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014, a private members bill moved by DMK member of parliament (MP),Tiruchi Siva. The Bill was passed unanimously after it received unanimous support. “There are 4.5 lakh transgenders in the country and they are discriminated against. The Bill will create conditions for an equal society” Siva, the MP who moved the Bill said. It is for the first time in 45 years that a private members bill has been passed by the Rajya Sabha. The central government, while endorsing the spirit behind the Bill and making a commitment to bring in such a law had said at the time that since such a proposed legislation involved nine different ministeries, the “synergy” would need to be worked out. The Bill moved in April 2015, provides for creation of welfare boards at the Centre and State level for the community, Transgender Rights courts, two per cent reservation in government jobs and prohibits discrimination in employment. It also makes provisions for pensions and unemployment allowances for members of the community.

    Photographer Vignesh Krishnamoorthy has captured this moving image of the transgender community in Mumbai.
    Photo Credits:
    Vignesh Krishnamoorthy